Humble Student of the Horse

Anne Scharlow Rohan About

I count myself lucky to have been aligned with horses from the age of 14. At the time, I was following a standard German horse path with my first horse & schoolmaster Ankara. A lovely gelding who allowed me to explore the horse world without major difficulties. Today I realise what a gift that was. My passion was dressage and I just loved those moments when we were dancing together. 


It was only after I moved to South Africa in my late 20s, that with the appearance of my animal guides my perspective started to shift. My teacher and soul-horse Rohan asks – to this day – many questions and quite frankly I didn’t have the answers to most of them. Whatever seemed “horsie-normal” to me at the time, he questioned. Strongly! 

He challenged most of my human requirements & clearly communicated his horsie needs, so that, over time, we could find a new balance and harmony within our relationship. 


I realised then that he had entered my life because he wanted me to explore a different way of BEING with & RELATING to horses & all Nature Beings. I followed his invitation and found myself on a path which I call Conscious Horsemanship.


Conscious Horsemanship means seeing the horse holistically, as a physical, emotional and spiritual being. By listening and attentending to the needs on all levels, deep healing and transformation is taking place.

"Grow spiritually and the Gifts will follow"

With all due respect to the many beautiful & knowledgeable humans I have met along my path, it is the Spirit herself, the Horses & Nature Beings and my teacher Andre who have guided me to cultivate this magical Healing Gift. I couldn’t be more grateful.


Inspirations along the Way