Giving Your Animal A Voice

Animal Communication Anne Scharlow

In my years of experience I found that very often the simplest solution was: ask the horse. Horses and animals carry an enormous amount of wisdom and tapping into their source of knowledge is often nothing short of magical.


Animal Communication nurtures relationships in which the animal is truly seen at soul level. It assists in strengthening the bond, transforming behaviour and empowering the animal and yourself. I am often astouned at an animal’s approach to problems and their utterly honest emotions. 


A chat with your animal can help to gain clarity about behavioural issues, allows us to discuss physical challenges and is a great approach to manage change in the animal’s life, such as a move or a herd integration.


All in all, it is a great addition to your horse’s support system, next to your trusted vet, farrier / trimmer, dentist and bodyworker. 

Topics we can explore in a session:

A Session Includes:

What Can You Expect?

Deeply honest conversations with your horse, filled with truthful insights, wishes and sometimes a lot of laughter. By seeing the soul essence in animals it really opens and deepens the relationship between a horse and their person. I also facilitate questions around the physical wellbeing, practical advise and exploring various ways of being with horses as part of the Conscious Horsemanship approach. 


We might engage once or in a series of communications so that different layers can be explored over time. Allowing the animals ongoing communication support – if needed – can take off the pressure to share & release everything at once. 

Kindly note, I do not take on any missing animal cases.