Animal Wisdom & Teachings of Life

Animal Communication & the Language of Life

Stepping into animal communication is stepping into the language of Nature & Spirit. It is also stepping up into our own Wisdom and infinite inner Knowing. Who is up for a game of spiritual chess?

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Balance, the great equalizer of the Universe

How the universal law of balance can help us build natural relationships with our horses, enhancing health, harmony, ease and deep relaxation.

Death as part of Life

How Smartie and I met a little girl on our afternoon walks and how her perspective about old age made us both feel at ease with Life and Death

The Sensitive Horse

If we want to understand sensitive horses, we have to explore two sides of the same being - through the balanced and unbalanced nervous system

Healing through the lens of bodywork & emotions

An exploration into the impact of emotional & mental balance on long lasting tension release through bodywork

From Horse to Human, Heart to Heart

Every horse & human has a unique connection, but there are also themes which horses share and experience as part of animal-human relationships. This is their wisdom.

Owl Wisdom: The Song of Balance

Listening to an owl couple during a quiet evening in our garden made me get in touch with balance, patience & honouring the feminine YIN.