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Love, Connection, Relationship


Healing for Horses & Animal Communication

My wish for every horse & their human is

to understand each other

in ways which bring about harmonious and balanced relationships, 

full of love, joy and spiritual growth.

Barn Talk - Stories of Change

I asked Anne to come see my new horse, Luna, as she had become extremely anxious and was pacing incessantly. I was also battling to bond with her as I was still grieving the loss of my late horse. Shortly after Anne started working with Luna I saw her shifting. She started really “seeing” me instead if barging through me in her anxious state and the tightness in her body started softening. She started spending more and more time in a calm state. Luna started feeling ‘heard’ for the first time in her life. Now she is a transformed horse. She has completely come into her own and we have developed a very deep connection. Anne has helped me to move forward with Luna on the most amazing spiritual, equine journey. I have had horses in my life for almost 40 years but I have never experienced this side of the horse-human relationship so intensely. It truely is a gift and I believe any horse and owner will benefit profoundly from what Anne has to offer.

healing feather
Joy & Luna
Cape Town, South Africa

Animal Communication & Wisdom

Besides the horsie hands-on healing, I have come to really love communicating with all animals. If you wish to receive an intuitive newsletter filled with animal wisdom, please leave your details.