This way of engaging with horses is transformational. We are not fixing the horse, but working with the horse towards a more balanced and happy being, who feels truly seen and heard. 

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Healing & Bodywork at your Horse's Yard

First Session – R 650

Individual Session – R 500 


In order to gain an in-depth understanding of the horse’s personality, potential performance issues or behavioural concerns, the first session lasts about 90 min and includes a physical on-site assessment, energetic tuning-in & communication.

Each follow up session lasts between 45 – 60 min after which feedback and insights will be shared.

Generally I recommend three healing sessions to begin with but ultimately it is the horse who will communicate what is needed after the first session.


A travel fee will be added for treatments outside of the Cape Peninsula.

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Animal Communication & Consultation

First Session – R 900  / EUR 90

Follow-ups*  – R 700 / EUR 70 


A session includes a 45 min communication & distance healing with your animal and 45 min feedback with you. The audio will be shared after our session. Kindly email a recent,  good-quality photograph of your horse, showing both eyes. The consultation is done via video call. 

*Any subsequent session within three months of the first or latest communication is regarded a follow up. 

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School Horses & Rescue Organisations

Free of charge


In acknowledgement of the immense gift a schooling horse brings, I offer free healing sessions for riding school horses and ponies in combination with a regular booking at your yard. 

I am also committed to working regularly with equine shelters and rescue centres.