Healing Sessions

Conscious Bodywork

For a long time, I didn’t know what to call the treatments I am offering. Because they don’t really fit whatever is out there. I have been inspired by many techniques, teachers and practitioners. And in the end, it is about finding your skill and gift to offer to the world. So over the years I came to settle on CONSCIOUS BODYWORK.


In a nutshell, I am practicing a very gentle modality which utilises light touch, intuitive knowledge and responses from the horse, encouraging physical, mental and emotional releases. On occasion, I might feel the need to incorporate some form of mobilisation or movement in order to further establish relaxation in all paces (Relaxation-based Groundwork)


Balance – a key to Health & Happiness

The aim is to (re-)introduce balance, relaxation and calmness into the horse’s life, so that the body & mind can cope with the demands of a domesticated horse. I found that horses often forget how to release tension & stress and instead absorb stress into their bodies. Over time, there is too much tension in the system and the stress level shows itself through illness, pain, strong behaviour, non-performance or accidents,  By allowing the horse to (re-)learn these natural releasing mechanisms, we reduce tension and allow the horse to be healthy and balanced. Only a balanced horse can show its true character and personality. 


A truly Holistic Treatment

A session will offer your animal the opportunity to release physical tension positively impacting muscles and fascia & to release emotional tension, which is a key component behind any physical challenge. Nothing exists in isolation and the power of this work is the ability to tap into the bigger field: to explore reasons behind the tensions.

As part of the bodywork & healing, the sessions will explore:


Session Duration

The first onboarding session lasts between 60 – 90 minutes. 

Follow up sessions between 45 – 60 minutes. 

Detailed feedback will be shared with you. 

The Beauty of Conscious Bodywork

Regular energy- and bodywork will transform both the horse and the relationship between horse and guardian. When horses feel heard, empowered to work with the practitioner and encouraged to share their needs & wisdom, they become more and more expressive around their requirements.

Over time, and depending on the complexity of layers, you should see the horse shifting towards a more balanced version of him/herself. A truly rewarding journey for a horse and their person.


Benefits include:

Please note that this modality is not a substitution for veterinary care. It is always good to inform your trusted vet of any additional treatments so that we can collaborate in the best interests of your horse.