2 Day Workshop for Horse Guardians


Animal Communication is extremely helpful for all the small and big decisions a horse guardian is faced with on a regular basis. When life gets extreme, we often feel without power and we tend to overTHINK what we have to do. Worry, fear and a sense of helplessness are feelings, every horse owner has experienced in some form.

Intuitive communication can teach us how to FEEL INTO a certain situation. With practice, all decision can be made from a place of trust instead of the fearful approach of the mind. You’ll be surprised how much at ease you can be once you start trusting your own inner guidance.

This 2-day course is an introduction into this deeper place of knowledge within us.

We’ll practice together in a safe space and we’ll be carried by the power of the group.

This course will not only improve your relationship but will also guide you into trusting your life path with your horse.


Open to 12 horse lovers & guardians

Suitable for beginners & experienced students of animal communication

Workshop topics & Experiences:

Some words from my valued mentor Kate:

“Anne is a wonderfully kind and intuitive guide for deeper relating with horses. She works with gentleness, joy and honesty to resolve difficult issues and support horses and their people in being their true selves. I highly recommend her work for anyone seeking to bring out the heart and soul of horses as the profound beings they truly are.”


Kate Muller, Animal Communicator


Details & Booking

This workshop is open to 12 participants.

Suitable for beginners & experienced students of animal communication



21 – 22 May 2022

9:30am – 3pm

Goede Hoop Estate in Noordhoek, Cape Town


2100 ZAR per person

inclusive of vegetarian lunches, coffee, tea & snacks for the day


50% deposit secures your spot



Note: This workshop is included for anyone joining the Apprenticeship Program.